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to maybe have -- not maybe but likely have democratic governor of virginia. you have chris christie moderate by measure of the tea party. in new york city we're going to have probably our first democratic mayor for a long time. while the tea party may have hijacked washington and congress, at the state level i think the platform has been repudiated. >> listen, as we just saw in those clips, this is every democrat's dream. if they could have been smart enough to do that, gayle collins wrote manchurian candidate, commies, raising this child from birth. the democrats have gotten their act together they would have invented ted cruz. as it is, he's just a gift to them. republicans are not going to win an actual election for a very long time after this. >> jonathan, whenever we see tape of ted cruz, the new yorker has a great piece on sort of his character, as julia said, original snake oil salesman, disingenuous. asked, are you running for president? >> like "saturday night live." >> he takes whatever criticism is genuine, criticism directed at him and throws it right back, i'm not manip
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)